Parmesan Reggiano 22 lb (1/4 wheel)

Parmesan Reggiano 18 lb (1/4 wheel)
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Parmesan Reggiano 22 lb (1/4 wheel).  In Italy this cheese is considered the "Top of the Line " to use with all meals.  It is aged 24-30 months, quite flavorful as a result.  Large enough to share with family or use yourself on all your Italian dishes.  Imported from Italy.  This is grainy cow's milk cheese from near the Po Valley, Parma, Reggio Emiolia, since early Middle Ages.  22 lb wheel.

Try with sliced fresh pears, drizzled with honey.  Serve as a table cheese or to enhance the flavor of other meals.  Always add at the last moment to preserve the rich complex flavors.

This product is perishable.  Overnight shipping is required. 

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