Pagliacci Italian Seasoning 6 oz.

Italian seasoning for pasta, salad, fish, steaks. 4 oz.

Alessi 100% Natural Coarse Sea Salt (from the Mediterranean) 24 oz.

Alessi Sea Salt is produced from the "evaporation" process in the Mediterranean Sea.  Sun dried & made naturally.  24 oz.

Alessi 100% Natural Fine Sea Salt (from the Mediterranean) 24 oz.

An imported salt from the Mediterranean Sea. Produced through evaporation & sun-dried by nature.  24 oz..

Caber Seasonello Herbal Salt (from Bologna) aromatic herbal salt 10.58 oz.

Seasonello is a delicious & healthy Italian condiment from a blend of fresh harvested sea salt, rosemary, garlic, sage & pepper.  10.58 oz.

Pagliacci Whole Garlic Cloves 16 oz.

Whole garlic cloves in water.  16 oz.

Vigo Saffron .5 grams

Vigo Saffron .5 grams.  Great in making Paella, Risotto & other dishes.  Imported from Spain.

Pagliacci Whole Capers (Capotes) 8 oz.

Pagliacci Whole  Capers (Capotes) 8 oz. Capers. Large. Whole. 8 oz.

Five Roses All Purpose Pre Sifted Enriched Bleached Flour 5.5 lbs

Five Roses All Purpose Pre Sifted Enriched Bleached Flour 5.5 lbs. Top Quality Flour used for all your baking needs. Product of Canada.  5.5 lbs.

Kona Coast Marinade & Grilling - Roasted Garlic Teriyaki 14.5 oz.

Roasted Garlic Teriyaki is savory, mellow & manly.  The touch of smoky roasted garlic is perfect on steak, burgers, pork tenderloin or grilled chicken.  Makes any dish more satisfying.  All Natural.  No Preservatives.  14.5 oz.  Add a nice savory, smoky garlic taste to your grilled meats.  

Kona Coast Grilling & Dipping Polynesian Orange Teriyaki 14.5 oz.

Kona Coast Polynesian Orange Teriyaki Marinade & Grilling Sauce is created from orange juice & zest add serious citrus flavor to this decadent glaze.  A dream on duck, ham, poultry or pork dishes, it’s equally delicious on grilled snapper or halibut.  All Natural.  No Preservatives.  14.5 oz.

Bring the islands to your kitchen or backyard grill.  Aloha.

Kona Coast Marinade & Grilling - Paradise Pineapple Teriyaki 15 oz.

Paradise Pineapple Teriyaki with added pineapple for an extra tropical flair this marinade will taste delicious on your favorite meat or seafood.  Use as a dipping sauce, try it on egg rolls or pot stickers.  All Natural.  No Preservatives.  15 oz.

While this is not Italian food, it is an excellent tasting product.  A delicious pineapple teriyaki marinade.