Flott Italian Tuna In Olive Oil 10.5 oz.

High-quality bluefin tuna packed in evoo.  This delicate "tonno" will make the best tuna sandwich you will ever taste.  Use in salads, antipasto, etc.  Imported from the shores of Sicily.  10.5 oz.


Vigo Hot Spiced Sardines In Soy & Oive Oil 4.38 oz.

Wild, caught in the waters off Spain.  Packed in soy & olive oil, cayenne pepper, carrots, cucumbers.  This "spicy" product will "liven-up" anything you use it on.  Spiced sardines in olive oil are a flavorful addition to salads or eaten just out of the container.  Imported.  4.38 oz.


Vigo Sardines In Tomato Sauce 4.38 oz.

Packed in tomato sauce with soybean oil makes this product a very tasty product for salads, pasta, on crackers, etc.  Tomato sauce adds flavor to this package of sardines.  Drain or add as is to your favorite dishes.  Imported. 4.38 oz. 

Vigo Sardines In Olive Oil 4.38 oz.

Packed in olive oil in an e-z to open tin.  This highly nutritious fish is full of protein, vitamins & minerals.  Add to any salad, cracker, etc. for a delicious meal. Great addition to any Caesar salad or as part of a sandwich. Imported from Spain  4.38 oz.

Vigo Paella Yellow Rice & Seafood Dinner 8 oz.

Vigo Paella Yellow Rice & Seafood Dinner 8 oz.  Ready to eat.  Imported from Spain.