Pagliacci Italian Seasoning 6 oz.

Italian seasoning for pasta, salad, fish, steaks. 4 oz.

Alessi 100% Natural Coarse Sea Salt (from the Mediterranean) 24 oz.

Alessi Sea Salt is produced from the "evaporation" process in the Mediterranean Sea.  Sun dried & made naturally.  24 oz.

Alessi 100% Natural Fine Sea Salt (from the Mediterranean) 24 oz.

An imported salt from the Mediterranean Sea. Produced through evaporation & sun-dried by nature.  24 oz..

Caber Seasonello Herbal Salt (from Bologna) aromatic herbal salt 10.58 oz.

Seasonello is a delicious & healthy Italian condiment from a blend of fresh harvested sea salt, rosemary, garlic, sage & pepper.  10.58 oz.

Pagliacci Whole Garlic Cloves 16 oz.

Whole garlic cloves in water.  16 oz.

Vigo Saffron .5 grams

Vigo Saffron .5 grams.  Great in making Paella, Risotto & other dishes.  Imported from Spain.

Pagliacci Whole Capers (Capotes) 8 oz.

Pagliacci Whole  Capers (Capotes) 8 oz. Capers. Large. Whole. 8 oz.